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Denise Maggiore


I've known Mumma my WHOLE life! Since she gave birth to me during a teacher's strike, permanently branding me the "strike baby" to people in LaPlace, she should have anticipated a strong-willed, educator daughter. She's the one that taught me how to decorate a home and a classroom . No one's Christmas decorations are more beautiful than hers! Fun fact about Mumma -- when you make her laugh, her eyes squint until she cant see, which gets problematic when she's driving! I'm so proud to be your daughter and am grateful for everything you have done for me, Gus, and Lucha!

Mike Maggiore

Dad / Bishop of La Botticella

I've also know Dad my entire life, which is how long he's been trying to get a reaction out of me! Dad got to visit me in Rome while I lived there, and after rounds of tequila shots with off duty Swiss Guard soldiers at La Botticella, earned a salute from one of them while on guard at the Vatican the next day. That sign of respect is typically reserved for high ranking church officials. He has since been known as the Bishop of La Botticella. Proud to be your daughter and will always cherish riding with you in the car and singing 60's and 70's classics!

Carol Abadie


Aunt Carol is the reason I know exactly how to be the fun aunt that spoils her nieces and nephews! From day one, Aunt Carol has supported me (and my sisters and cousins) in both big and small ways. Without her, there are so many things that I would not have been able to participate in or experience, including my Rome semester -- she and Aunt Laurie came in with a last minute save! And, certainly, none of us would have nearly as many childhood pictures or have had front row seats for school events! Through our wandering drives after band or dance team practice she was my introduction to the neighborhoods of New Orleans, and I will always cherish that time. I love you, and I cannot even begin to thank you enough for everything you have done for us!

Laurie and Randy Cookmeyer

Aunt and Uncle

There were a thousand pictures to choose from, but I loved this one so much! My earliest memories of Aunt Laurie are from when I was super little, hearing her from Aunt Carol's apartment down below the wood floors coming home late at night. But, then she settled down -- sort of...because they definitely still know how to have fun -- with Uncle Randy and had my two favorite boy cousins. Without her, there are so many things that I would not have been able to participate in or experience, including my Rome semester -- she and Aunt Carol came in with a last minute save! She and Uncle Randy have always supported, looked out for, and spoiled us, and I will always love and be grateful for them!

John and Maureen Maggiore

Uncle and Aunt

Uncle John and Aunt Maureen have traveled to Rome more times than I have, so ask them where to eat!! Their first trip was in 2009 when I was on vacation during my first year of teaching. Despite the fact that Shane and I smoked Uncle John's Cuban cigars (oops!), they loved the trip and the city, especially Giovanni and La Botticella. Now it's more their hangout spot than mine! Uncle John and Aunt Maureen took care of me while I went to college in Dallas and still do when I visit the city. I am so grateful to both of you for everything you've done for me and for your friendship in our old ages.

Kaymen Maggiore & Kelly Ford


Kaymen is technically my cousin but really is my third little sister. In Dallas, during college, I was the cool older cousin, but now she is objectively the cooler one living her best Subaru life in Denver with her wife Kelly, who is incredibly smart and thoughtful and fits right in with our family (a not so easy feat). I truly am so proud of the woman you've become. I love you both and look forward to many more evenings of reality TV watching with daiquiris in hand -- even though Kelly will fall asleep!

Aline Elasmar & Josh Paxton

Friends - College

Aline and I met my freshmen year at UD and the shenanigans began immediately -- but we're going to blame Charles Lane for that! Aline taught me how to do makeup and trusted me to stage manage her one-woman show. She's a talented actress and badass business woman, and never fails to show up with a great outfit and even greater conversation when I demand she join me at some insane L.A. restaurant! Josh, I'm so glad Aline has you. She deserves someone as caring and supportive as you have been. I'm more than glad to act as your international luxury goods mule anytime!

Amanda Faulkner & Thea Lee

Friends - Teaching

Amanda, Thea, and I were deep in the trenches together at KCCA. They found love in a hopeless place and got married, and now I get an amazing 2 for 1 deal when I go to the Bay Area! Amanda is my pop culture soulmate, and there is no one that understands that side of me more. Thea braved the Student Support Team with me, which prepared her for enduring, accepting, and loving Amanda and I's brand of crazy. Love you both but possibly not more than Skylar and Rogelio since they are so freaking cute!

Brenna & Jared Lamb

Friends - Teaching

It's not an exaggeration to say that I walked up to Brenna one day and said "we're friends now" and that was it. Brenna has been a friend, colleague, mentor, and more over the past 13 years. I have learned so much from and owe much of my career to her. Jared, a viral TikTok sensation, is an incredible educator and friend. His patience with Brenna and I's mess knows no bounds, particularly when he's trying to make traditional Mexican tacos. I'm Aunt Kiki to their brilliant and funny children and am honored to be a part of their family. Love y'all!

P.S. Jared, I'm sorry you're not in the picture! I had to use this one. We've been friends long enough for you to know why. :)

Caitlin Forst Bootsma

Friends - College

Caitlin and I were both history majors and headed off to Rome after graduation, where I think we really found ourselves and our friendship! I will forever be grateful for Caitlin's patience, honesty, and unwavering support throughout our friendship Most importantly, she met her husband at an Immaculate Conception party, which also happens to be my "conception day" (December 8th!), so she can never escape me. Her birthday is two days before mine, and I am so excited to celebrate the start of a new decade together!

Charles Lane Cowen

Friends - College

I could have picked a more recent picture, but this one is the perfect representation of our friendship! Charles and I met freshman year. We were always like siblings, teasing and torturing each other relentlessly. Honestly, Charles is lucky he is invited because he was responsible for the 2 hour death march from Notre Dame to the Arc de Triomphe after three hours of stations of the cross during our Rome semester. Charles has always unapologetically been himself and gave me that same grace in a time where that could not have been more important. Love you as much as you love Dolly Parton and Dr. Pepper!

Chris & Shannon Meyer

Friends - New Schools BR

Chris was my big boss at NSBR and remains a board member and mentor at New Schools LA. I've learned so much from Chris over the past 7 years and am grateful to him for supporting me as I healed from teaching and grew in my role at NSBR. We've bonded over our love of the finer things in life, especially good food and whiskey. He is one of the only people I will take a restaurant recommendation from and not question it. Clearly he has excellent taste as he married Shannon, who is a bright light in the world and always a joy to be around. I'm so glad to be able to celebrate with y'all and kick off a new decade of serving Louisiana together!

Courtney and Antonio Clark


Giovanni Poggi

Friends - Rome

Giovanni is a legend and, at this point, an honorary Maggiore! Giovanni owns La Botticella, a pub just off Piazza Navona, and has seen Shane, John, and I at our best and our worst. -- 4am looks good on no one! We spent so many nights and weekends at his bar hanging out, causing trouble, and meeting so many cool people. I tease him a lot, but, honestly, Giovanni always took care of us and is now also a great friend of my uncle and aunt. His bar is a haven for such a wide variety of people, which speaks to his extraordinary spirit and generosity. Anytime someone says they're going to Rome, I send them to see him. This weekend wouldn't be complete without you celebrating with us!

Hilah Barbot Moats

Friends - Teaching

Hilah and I taught together at KCCA for over 6 years. She was one of the first people I met on the KCCA team when she stormed through the door at a team BBQ, and it's been the best type of chaos since, including her class mice escaping and crawling on me while I slept. Hilah is one of the best teachers I've ever seen and has the ability to make anything joyful and relevant - a talent she now brings to Amazon where she connects students to the technology and learning they'll need to succeed in the 21st century. We have cried, screamed, and kicked our way through some of the toughest situations together, and I am grateful for the love and support you have shown me along the way. You are the best hype woman -- even when I don't deserve it -- and I will never stop looking for ways to celebrate you and all that you accomplish!

Jen Hoitsma

Friends - College

Jen and I met as freshmen in Jerome Hall but really got to know each other when I ended up being the manager of UD's Cross Country team -- different story for a different time! We've reconnected over the past couple of years, and I've gotten to travel with her and her three beautiful girls in Rome, New York, and here in New Orleans. Jen is a strong business woman and an even stronger mama! Your girls are lucky to have you as a role model, and I'm grateful to you for sharing them and their amazing spirits with me. I'm so glad that we've reconnected and can travel, commiserate, and dream together!

Jess & Justin Lamb

Friends - Teaching

Jess and I went from fellow 3rd grade teachers during my last year at KIPP to family! She and Justin are my partners in crime as fellow aunts and uncle to the Lamb kids. And, while that is our most important shared role, our status as Delta travel girlies and social media fanatics is what has cemented Jess and I's bond -- Justin wishes he was as cool as us! Jess and Justin are both servant leaders and deeply committed to building and uplifting community. They are a model of humility and firmness in facing social injustice. I am honored to share the title of aunt and uncle with the two of you and look forward to many years of memories to come!

John Rhodes

Friends - College

I really struggled to choose just one picture, but this picture is everything in one! John and I met in college but really got close when we were RA's in Rome after graduation. We were opposites in so many ways, but we had the best time together--and still do! This picture is the day after John almost killed me in Abruzzo when he got us off trail on a mountain, and I slid down a hill, using my French manicured nails to stop my fall. Clearly I forgave him. Of course I did. Because, if I'm being honest, he forgave me of my craziness more times than I can count. I deeply cherish all of the adventures we've been on together and the countless deep conversations and inevitable debates we've had along the way. Still waiting on that yacht though! Love you friend!

Kati Thomas & Nano Cobo

Friends - College

We are all going to eat well in Rome because of Kati. Period. After forcing her and Charles to eat at Chili's and Cheddar's more times than was...well...sane, she hunkered down and forced me to try actual foods -- green, purple, red, colorful foods. She never taught me to cook any of it, though, because she's a kitchen tyrant! Kati and I have been friends since Italian 101 freshmen year, and she has seen me at my best, worst, and everything in between. She supported me on my first international flight and suffered the nail marks to prove it. Popped my blisters for me in Spain when I insisted on wearing my cute boots instead of walking shoes. Dealt with me in the middle of the night when I thought we were all about to die on a train from Munich. And has shown me love and support in countless ways since. She, her talented musician husband Nano, and amazing kids, Bryna and Arlow, live too far away, but I forgive her for that because Spain has always been her dream. I love you so much and you have no idea how hard it was not to tell 50 stories in this!


Birthday Girl

I want to thank me for believing in me. I want to thank me for doing all this hard work. I wanna thank me for having no days off. I wanna thank me for never quitting. I wanna thank me for always being a giver and trying to give more than I receive. I wanna thank me for trying to do more right than wrong. I wanna thank me for being me at all times. Kara Marie Maggiore, you a bad motherfucker! - credit to Snoop Dogg for speaking my truth.

Katie Harvey & Chris Park

Friends - Teaching

Katie and I LIVE A LIFE BAAAAABY! We met through a mutual friend and quickly realized that we are always down for the same things -- good friends, good food, and spa days -- all of the days! Katie is also my travel partner in crime and indulges me in my extravagant hotel and restaurant selections -- the 1700 sq ft suite in Costa Rica with it's own pool comes to mind! Katie is an incredible friend and educator and is always taking care of others, which is why I'm so glad she found Chris, who is so good at taking care of her -- and enduring me and my endless questions and extreme extroversion! I breathe easier and am able to be myself with y'all, and I can't express how thankful I am for that. Love y'all!

Katie Patton Pryor and Kyle Guilbault

Friends - New Schools LA

When I met Katie at a business lunch, I knew almost immediately that we would be friends for life! She is a smart, driven, mission-oriented businesswoman and has an appreciation for true hospitality and the finer things in life. If you're ever lucky enough to be hosted by Katie and Kyle at their beautiful home, you will be fed the most intricate and delectable food prepared by Katie herself and feel immediately at home due to their infectious generosity and unparalleled ability to create a welcoming space. There are people that you can trust in any room and around any company, and that is Katie and Kyle. So excited to continuing building our friendship over the coming years and introduce them to those closest to me.

Shane & Gena Lungwitz

Friends - Rome

Scemo Scimmia!! Shane is the older brother I never had -- and he's just as loving and absolutely annoying as that implies! Shane worked on campus in Rome while I was an RA. He (with the help of Gio) is responsible for every hangover I had from 2006-2008, which also means he's also responsible for most of the fun . Shane played basketball in Italy, and I loved going to watch his games. In fact, I met his now wife Gena picking her up at the train station for one his games in their early days of dating. We are forever bonded by that time and that city (you're never getting rid of me!), and I miss y'all and being there every single day. I am so grateful that we all got to travel to Rome together with your girls, and share our second home with them. I'll cherish those memories and all of the new ones that we're sure to make forever! Is it time to retire in Italy yet??

Rebecca Burgess

Friends - College

Becky and I met in college and served as RA's together in our junior and senior year. That's when the real fun began! We saw amazing, terrible, and amazingly terrible things during those two years, but always managed to find humor, or at least irony, in them. Becky is one of the smartest and most diligent people I know. Her ability to carve space in academic and political arenas that have been reserved for men, very old ones at that, while never sacrificing her identity, integrity, and flair for fashion is inspiring and a model for other women. I can't wait to be in Rome with you and show the Italians how the shoe game is actually done!

Thuy & Dan Carroll

Friends - College

Thuy and I went to college and were Spring Romers together. In fact, we traveled together to Venice on one of our first weekend trips. We reconnected about a year ago, and since then, there has not been a day that we have not texted about BTS, K Dramas, K actors, or some type of insanely good and/or pricey food! It's so special to meet someone whose enthusiasm for something matches your own, and I always feel seen and heard when I talk with Thuy about things I love. She is an incredibly talented artist and pastry chef, constantly hustling and running her own small business. She's a badass, and a bit of a shopping enabler, and for those reasons she will always be one of my favorite people. I'll even forgive the fact that she likes camping! Borahae, friend!

Veronica Rodriguez & Ron Diamond

Friends - College

Veronica and I met freshman year of college and between classes would watch the teen telenovela Rebelde and sing Juanes out of the window on the way to grab food in Las Colinas. Veronica is truly kind, passionate, service-oriented, and always down for whatever shenanigans Thuy and I plan -- like randomly deciding to go to Vegas! Thank you, by the way, for mentioning one day that I should reach out to Thuy about BTS! Vee, I always love our conversations and learn so much from reflecting with you. You're such a bright light and the Latine young professionals you mentor are lucky to have you! Love you friend!

Walt Williams

Friends - College

Walt Williams is now what he always has been -- unapologetically himself! The man brought culture and style to a deeply frumpy university, hosting events like Spring picnics with croquet, and stood defiantly as a true independent thinker. which took incredible fortitude and strength of character. Now, he brings his style and unique brand of order to Rome, a city that definitely has style but is anything but orderly! Walt serves those in need across the world through his work at the UN's World Food Programme. He's yet another friend that brings excellence to all facets of his life. I can't see a hearty tomato sauce, a gin and tonic in good crystal, or anything Ferragamo without thinking about Walt. I'm honored to call you a friend and am so excited to celebrate with you!